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Barbara Nichols

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Senior Advisor
Campaign for Action

Dedicated to her career in increasing knowledge and awareness of women’s mental health, Angela Barron McBride, PhD, RN, FAAN, received her master’s in psychiatric–mental health nursing from Yale University School of Nursing. Dr. McBride’s first book, The Growth and Barbara Nichols is the executive director of the Wisconsin Center for Nursing and a diversity adviser for the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action. She provides expert consultation on global nursing execution, practice, and leadership. Prior to this, she served for 12 years as chief executive officer of CGFNS International, an immigration-neutral organization whose expertise regarding the education, registration, and practice of foreign educated nurses and other health professionals is recognized worldwide. Barbara has held a state Cabinet position dealing with statutory regulation of 59 occupations and is a former president of the American Nurses Association. She is the recipient of five honorary doctoral degrees and of numerous awards for her leadership and sustained contributions to the nursing profession. She holds a diploma in nursing from Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, in Boston; a bachelor’s in nursing from Case Western Reserve; and a master’s from the University of Wisconsin.

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