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June Zhang is an Associate Dean and Professor at Sun Yat-sen University School of Nursing. Dr. Zhang’s research focused on improving the quality of cancer care and reducing inequity in access to nursing care, especially the patients from remote regions in China. She was an early explorer of the transitional care model and was the first to demonstrate a strong sense of stigma among Chinese cancer patients, to raise awareness of cancer stigma among the public, doctors and nurses, and advocate for nursing’s voice in alleviating cancer stigma. She devoted herself to promoting multidisciplinary collaboration among Nursing and Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, and other disciplines. She always capitalized on her mentorship responsibility and leadership role to promote area nursing development and discipline construction, especially in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area. She was one of very few nursing scholars who twice obtained National Social Science Foundation funding in China. She was one of ten distinguished teachers at Sun Yat-sen University in 2021. She holds Editorial Board positions on the Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing, Chinese Nursing Management, and Modern Clinical Nursing.

Dr. Zhang received her BSN from Peking University, her MS from Xi-an Jiaotong University and PhD from Sun Yat-sen University.


June Zhang


Associate Dean, Professor

Sun Yat-Sen University


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