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Michele Talley is Associate Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Clinical and Global Partnerships at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing, and Director for the Providing Access to Healthcare Clinic.

Dr. Talley is a nationally-recognized practice and educationally focused leader, known for creating and developing nurse-led academic community practice partnerships while increasing and transforming a healthcare workforce equipped to care for the most complex and vulnerable of populations. Dr. Talley has led curriculum enhancements that broadened interprofessional practice and educational opportunities for thousands of our future nursing workforce. Her leadership role in practice provided an opportunity for her to innovate sustainable care delivery models aimed at team-based, patient-centered care within a nurse-led academic community practice partnership. Her success in leading educationally and practice focused initiatives earned Dr. Talley the role of interim Associate Dean for Clinical and Global Partnerships. The impact of her work to create and expand models of care while educating the future healthcare workforce includes improving access to care for hundreds of patients who would not have care otherwise.

Dr. Talley received her BSN from the University of Alabama and her MSN and PhD from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Michele Talley


Associate Professor & Interim Associate Dean, Clinical and Global Partnerships

University of Alabama at Birmingham


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