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Mary Anne Schultz is a Professor at California State University, San Bernardino. In 47 years of professional nursing, Dr. Schultz has served in 1) hospital staff nursing (medical-surgical units & Intensive Care Units), 2) nursing education (all basic levels, master's programs), and 3) nursing administration (unit-level hospital Nurse Manager, consultant, project manager, director, department chair & Associate Dean). Her publications include articles of data­based investigations as well as those addressing strategic planning in health care and a proposed conceptual framework for nursing research. She is the receipient of numerous awards for scholarship, research, leadership, and writing have been obtained.

Extensive involvement in organized nursing and health care resulted in her current role as Chair, Cognitive Status Work Group of the HIMSS-sponsored PACIO (post-acute care, interoperability) assemblage reporting directly to the CMS (Center for Medicare Services). She also received a gubernatorial appointment as Advisor, California Institute to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM)-the first and only nurse to serve. She is one of three recipients of the global Nursing Now competition aimed at showcasing scientific papers on innovations in the field

Dr. Scultz has earned a an associate degree, a baccalaureate degree, a master's in medical-surgical nursing/nursing administration, and a doctoral degree. A master's in business administration complements her experience in the service field.


Mary Anne Schultz



California State University, San Bernardino


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