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Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat is a Professor and Director of Research and Scholarship at Graceland University.

Dr. Rojjanasrirat’s research on breastfeeding among employed mothers, tele-lactation, and instrument development contributes substantive evidence to improve breastfeeding outcomes and maternal/child health nationally and internationally. She developed the Employer Support for Breastfeeding Questionnaire (ESBQ) to assess employers' intention to support breastfeeding women in the workplace which has been used in various settings in several U.S. states. She led the evaluation of the Kansas Business Case for Breastfeeding (BCFB) program (2014 - 2016) and found the positive impact of lactation accommodation on breastfeeding duration. She led the effort in establishing the "Mother's Room" and "Supporting Breastfeeding Policy" at Graceland University in Iowa and in Missouri. She co-authored/lead-authored the book chapter 'Maternal Employment and Breastfeeding' in four editions of Breastfeeding and Human Lactation, a comprehensive textbook used globally.

As an advocate for breastfeeding promotion, she served in leadership roles in several professional and grassroots organizations. Dr. Rojjanasrirat also involves advanced practice nursing workforce preparation through curriculum design, development, and implementation of graduate nursing programs. Her collaborative research on education within and outside the U.S. resulted in publications, presentations, workshops, lectures, consulting, and a Fulbright Scholar Specialist award.


Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat


Professor and Director of Research and Scholarship

Graceland University


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