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Schenita Davis Randolph is an Associate Professor at Duke University School of Nursing. Dr. Randolph is the founding Director and Principal Investigator of the Addressing Health Disparities through Engagement, Equity, Advocacy, and Trust (HEEAT) Research Lab, which consists of an interdisciplinary team of researchers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and community members who are dedicated to addressing health disparities within the Black community. By developing nurse-led models of care, Dr. Randolph is transforming health through culturally relevant interventions, engagement, and nontraditional health care delivery mechanisms. With federal, industry and foundation grant support, Dr. Randolph has built a program of research that creatively focuses on bolstering community engagement and capacity building efforts toward eliminating HIV inequities among Black Americans that are linked to the social contributors of health, systemic racism, and medical distrust. Dr. Randolph’s work identifying systemic racism as a critical barrier to the HIV inequities that exist for Black women has received national recognition in both academia and in the general public through popular media outlets.

Dr. Randolph earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Masters in Public Health Leadership from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and PhD in Public Health from Walden University.


Schenita Randolph


Associate Professor

Duke University

North Carolina

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