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Renee McLeod-Sordjan is Professor and Vice Dean at Hofstra-Northwell School of Nursing and a Director of the Division of Medical Ethics at Northwell Health.

Dr. McLeod-Sordjan’s research and clinical practice in bioethics strongly fosters sustained efforts to expand equity, inclusion, mentorship, and scholarship in nursing. She created the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Learning Success (IDEALS) HRSA-funded project to promote a culture of inclusion through peer mentoring and financial support for nursing students from underrepresented, economically and educationally disadvantaged groups; specifically, male, LGBTQA+, Hispanic and BIPOC students. The impact of her research in moral reasoning, palliative care and bioethics has been cited globally. Publications from her research also significantly broadened nursing knowledge related to incorporating patient readiness for advanced care planning in palliative care as well as supporting curricula design in nursing education. She holds Presidential Advisory Board positions the Empire State Bioethics Consortium and American Bioethics Program Directors (ABPD). As a member of the ABPD Task Force for Racial Equity, she seeks to address health inequities and integrate nursing science into health policy decisions.

Dr. McLeod-Sordjan received her BS, MS, and DNP from Pace University and completed a Postdoctoral Clinical Fellowship in Bioethics at Northwell Health.


Renee McLeod-Sordjan


Vice Dean & Director of Medical Ethics

Hofstra University-Northwell Health

New York

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