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Geraldine Martorella is an Associate Professor at the Florida State University College of Nursing.
She has been in the forefront of pain management for more than a decade.

Her sustained contributions to clinical practice and policies related to pain management coincide with an enhanced attention to the opioid epidemic. Dr. Martorella developed telehealth approaches contributing to health equity for underserved populations. The applicability and sustainability of her scientific advancements has allowed her to be granted a patent for her intervention. Her scholarly work significantly impacts practice at the national and international levels by promoting a paradigm shift that raises awareness regarding chronic pain.

Dr. Martorella’s nursing leadership extends globally through the development of an international nursing research network for which she was a co-founder. As a highly regarded nurse leader who pioneered non-pharmacological solutions to pain management, she contributes to the development of interprofessional pain management guidelines through panels such as the American Psychological Association’s Clinical Practice Guideline Development Panel for the treatment of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in Adults and the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s ICU Liberation Initiative.

Dr. Martorella received her BSN, MSN and PhD from the University of Montreal and her postdoctoral fellowship from McGill University.


Geraldine Martorella


Associate Professor

Florida State University


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