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Erik Martin is the Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer for Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. In this role, he oversees clinical operations, safety, quality outcomes, employee engagement and patient satisfaction across patient care services.

Dr. Martin is also the current President for the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL). He serves on the Advisory Board for Nightingale College of Nursing in Utah and the University Of Louisville College Of Nursing in Kentucky. Dr. Martin’s research on the impact generational differences has on the future of nursing leadership has been published and disseminated internationally.

Additionally, he has led national committees in developing guiding principles which are instrumental to creating healthy environments where individuals feel psychologically safe, a sense of belonging, and find joy and meaning in their work.

Dr. Martin holds a DNP and BSN from Mount Saint Joseph University, a Master’s degree from Northern Kentucky University and a diploma in nursing from Good Samaritan College of Nursing.


Erik Martin


Vice President Patient Care Services, Chief Nursing Officer

Norton Children’s Hospital


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