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Rhonda Maneval is Dean of the College of Health and Wellness at Carlow University and formerly served as Vice Dean of the College of Health Professions at Pace University. For over three decades, Dr. Maneval contributed to developing and diversifying the nursing workforce. Her sustained leadership contributions have been through prominent state, regional, and national committees addressing workforce challenges resulting in replicable career pathways, model articulation agreements, and nurse education advancement legislative efforts. Globally, she worked with international colleagues to advance nursing education and support the growth of nurse leaders through educational pathway programs, faculty development, and community-based projects. Her widely disseminated and replicated academic-practice partnership clinical-elective model provided effective solutions for preceptor shortages. State and regional appointments to key committees and boards resulted in scholarship and programmatic funding to advance educational opportunities for students. Through grant funding, she secured student scholarships and implemented programs to advance educational opportunities for diverse students. Her commitment to nursing workforce diversification extends to state, regional, and national faculty development programs.

Dr. Maneval received a Doctor of Education degree from Pennsylvania State University, a master’s degree in nursing from Villanova University, and a bachelor's degree in nursing from Pennsylvania State University.


Rhonda Maneval


Dean, College of Health and Wellness

Carlow University


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