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Linda MacIntyre serves as the Chief Nurse of the American Red Cross. In this role, she provides leadership for nurses and other health professionals across the organization, and she oversees Academic Service-Learning and resilience training. Dr. MacIntyre provides vision, direction and support in meeting the Red Cross mission. She collaborates with major federal and civilian health and nursing organizations, universities, hospitals and other key stakeholders.

Dr. MacIntyre served on the nursing faculty at University of California, San Francisco. Her nursing experience includes five years in hemodialysis and over 20 years in community health nursing. She served on the National Advisory Committee on Children and Disasters and is a member of the Federal Nursing Service Council.

Dr. MacIntyre used community-based participatory research principles in a qualitative study conducted in the United States and Malawi. Published study findings include perspectives of non-governmental organizations in gaining community trust, how Malawian women influenced health changes in response to the AIDS epidemic despite being “socially disempowered” and how financial donors can help or hinder community health.

Dr. MacIntyre has a bachelor’s degree in theology from Westminster College in Oxford, England, a nursing degree from Texas Christian University and a PhD in nursing from University of California, San Francisco.


Linda MacIntyre


Chief Nurse

American Red Cross

District Of Columbia

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