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Meei-Fang Lou is a Professor at the School of Nursing, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, and a Nurse Clinician at the Department of Nursing, National Taiwan University Hospital. Dr. Lou’s seminal contributions to the nursing profession are in nursing education and clinical practice. By joint appointment system, as a faculty member as well as a clinician/administrator, it has provided ample opportunities to find clinical problems, conduct clinical research, solve clinical problems and improve nursing quality on one hand and to use them as teaching materials to reduce the gap between education and clinical practice. Her research is mainly clinically related, which have been sources for revision of care guidelines and teaching content. Regarding nursing education, she has introducted several innovative teaching methods and technologies in teaching and practicum. She has received the Excellence in Teaching Award of National Taiwan University 11 times, which shows her dedication and contribution to teaching and excellent teaching quality. Due to her rich teaching and practical experience, Dr. Lou was in charge of establishing thequestion bank and review of questions for the Nurse Licensure Examination and serving in Members of Board Examiner of the Ministry of Examination, which allows her to have an impact on the content and format of nurse license examination in Taiwan.

Dr. Lou received her BSN from National Taiwan University, and her MS and PhD from the University of Washington.


Meei-Fang Lou



National Taiwan University


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