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Fidelindo Lim is a Clinical Associate Professor at New York University (NYU) Meyers College of Nursing.

He has conducted the seminal national study of faculty knowledge, experience, and readiness for teaching LGBTQ+ health in BSN programs across the USA. The groundbreaking findings of his research on LGBTQ+ health integration in nursing have been cited in 6 white papers and in at least 9 LGBTQ+ policy statements by leading stakeholders. He has worked as a critical care nurse for 18 years and concurrently, since 1996, has been a faculty member at NYU. Dr. Lim Fidel has published over 200 articles on an array of topics, including clinical practice, nursing education, LGBTQ+ health, reflective practice, men in nursing, nursing humanities, and Florence Nightingale. He has been designated as Nurse Influencer by the American Nurses Association’s American Nurse journal. Dr. Lim is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine and New York University’s Aging Incubator and a board member of the NYU Meyers Alumni Association.

Dr. Lim holds a DNP from Northeastern University, a Master’s of Arts in Nursing Education from New York University and a BSN from Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines.


Fidelindo Lim


Clinical Associate Professor

New York University

New York

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