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Mary Beverley Lansiquot is Dean of the School of Nursing (SON) at the University of the Virgin Islands, where she is responsible for ensuring the entry-level nursing workforce in the territory is able to meet quality standards of care. She has mobilized resources to launch the first strategic plan for the SON, prioritizing program quality and the sustainable production of BSN-prepared nurses in the Virgin Islands. Her leadership and legislative advocacy improved the program outcomes significantly, and the number of BSN-prepared nurses has increased by 300% in her tenure.

Dr. Lansiquot previously worked in the Eastern Caribbean in the nursing education sector. Her vibrant and active leadership strengthened national and regional policies related to the regulation of nursing and nursing education. Her legislative advocacy resulted in establishing the position of Chief Nursing Officer in St. Lucia. She also mentored nursing faculty and alumni, many of whom are in leadership positions within the health and nursing sector. She was the Principal (College President) of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, elevating the status and recognition of nurses there.

Dr. Lansiquot holds a DNP from Case Western Reserve University and an MSN and BSN from the University of South Florida. She earned an AA degree in Nursing from the University of the Virgin Islands.


Mary Beverley Lansiquot


Dean, School of Nursing

University of the Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands

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