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Marit Kirkevold is Head of Institute of Nursing and Health Promotion at Oslo Metropolitan University and a part-time professor of Nursing Science at the University of Oslo in Norway. She is adjunct professor at Gothenburg University in Sweden and was previously a professor at Aarhus University in Denmark. Dr. Kirkevold’s research is primarily focused on long-term care of older people and rehabilitation nursing of persons suffering from chronic conditions. Dr. Kirkevold initiated and led the development of teaching nursing homes (TNHs) in Norway from 1997 to 2003, established to improve the competence, research and quality of care of frail older people. This work resulted in publicly financed teaching in nursing homes in each county across Norway. Kirkevold also led the Research Center for Habilitation and Rehabilitation Services and Models (CHARM), financed by the Norwegian Research Council from 2011-2019 and is still a ley member. Since 2016, she has led the National research training school for research into the municipal health and care services (MUNI-HEALTH-CARE), aimed at building research capacity and training doctoral students for research into community care. Kirkevold has 190 international peer reviewed articles.

Dr. Kirkevold received a MA, Med, and EdD in Nursing from Columbia University.


Marit Kirkevold

EdD, MA, MEd, RN

Head of Institute

Oslo Metropolitan University


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