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Sun S. Kim is currntly an Associate Professor at the University of Massachusettes Boston Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Dr. Kim is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in tobacco research, especially in tailoring tobacco cessation interventions to the specific needs of underserved groups. She has conducted seven clinical trials of a tobacco cessation intervention, most of which were conducted with underserved groups such as Black women and Asian immigrants. In particular, the smoking cessation intervention that Dr. Kim developed for women living with HIV, whose majority group is African American, yielded a tobacco abstinence rate five times that of an attention-control intervention.

Findings from the seven trials have been frequently cited in high-impact journals such as Annals of Behavioral Medicine, Journal of Minority and Immigrant Health, and Cochrane Reviews. The total research funding Dr. Kim has received to date as a PI or co-PI culminates at $2.3 Million. She is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner working one day a week at a privately owned clinic. Her hands-on clinical practice has substantially contributed to my classroom teaching and research.


Sun S. Kim


Associate Professor

University of Massachusetts Boston


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