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Michele Kane is the Director of the Bachelors of Nursing Program and Assistant Professor at Georgetown University and a retired officer of the United States Navy. Her research to reduce inequities and improve veteran health has been disseminated to approximately 30,000 wounded veterans who retained combat metal fragments in the Iraq/Afghanistan conflict. From 2014-2016, CAPT Kane served as the Executive Assistant, Defense Health Agency, during which she directed all aspects of operations to achieve the first large scale interprofessional restructuring affecting 9.6M beneficiaries and 721 military treatment facilities driving advances in system-wide quality of care and effectiveness. As the first Nurse Deputy Chief Medical Officer; BUMED, she led the joint service enterprise-wide effort to create the new High Reliability Quality and Safety Infrastructure to reduce cost, increase access to care, and transform policy in the Military Health System that serves 9.6M beneficiaries.

Captain Kane received her BSN at Auburn University. She completed an Honors Scholars Master’s program at Oxford University where she studied philosophy in healthcare related to health disparities and completed an MSN in Nursing Administration from George Mason University. Captain Kane received her PhD from the Uniformed Services University and she completed the Johnson & Johnson Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.


Michele Kane


Faculty and Executive Officer

Georgetown University and United States Navy (Retired)

District Of Columbia

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