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Dukyoo Jung is a Professor at Ewha Womans University. As a nursing scientist, scholar, and leader in gerontological nursing education, Dr. Jung’s contribution to the field is improving the quality of health care for old adults by promoting evidence-based practice. Dr. Jung’s sustained research and global health leadership program has impacted the health care quality of older adults dwelling in long-term care facilities. Dr’ Jung’s current studies focus primarily on developing effective interventions for promoting older adults’ independence and transforming care provider's behavior. Dr. Jung has been involved in community-dwelling older adults’ health-related interventions. Dr. Jung have published nearly 100 articles on gerontological nursing, including fall prevention, function-focused care, exercise, prevention of mild cognitive impairment, and eating difficulties of older adults with dementia.

Dr. Jung received her BSN and MS from Ewha Womans University, PhD from the University of Maryland, Baltimore college of Nursing and her Postdoctoral Fellowship from Ewha Womans University.


Dukyoo Jung



Ewha Womans University

South Korea

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