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Lorie Judson is Executive Director of the Chin Family Institute for Nursing at California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA), a center of nursing excellence to advance nursing education, advocacy, leadership and action to benefit diverse, underserved, urban populations.

As Executive Director, Dr. Judson collaborates to resolve issues that jeopardize the delivery of nursing excellence. Examples include generating second-round funding for an LA County Family Nurse Practitioner residency and widely distributing a co-created civility seminar for senior nursing students to counteract workplace bullying. Formerly the Director of the Cal State LA School of Nursing, she provided leadership with support of an academic progression grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to effectively transition ADN students to BSN programs across the California State University System, increasing culturally diverse graduates. A Major in the US Army Reserve Army Nurse Corps during the Iraqi/Afghanistan conflict, she operationalized and disseminated a unique wounded warrior triage system impacting national and international implementation. She left the military as a Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Nurse of the 349th Combat Support Hospital.

Dr. Judson earned a Diploma of Nursing from Madison General Hospital, a BSN from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, an MSN from UCLA and a PhD from the University of San Diego.


Lorie Judson


Executive Director

Chin Family Institute for Nursing at California State University, Los Angeles


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