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Lucinda Graven is an Associate Professor at the Florida State University (FSU) College of Nursing and a Faculty Affiliate at the FSU Institute for Successful Longevity and the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy.

Dr. Graven’s primary areas of impact at the national and international levels are in health and health equity in heart failure research and practice in underserved populations. As a nationally recognized leader in heart failure, Dr. Graven is uniquely positioned at the intersection of patient- and family-centered care. Over the course of her career, Dr. Graven has actively contributed to national and international clinical practice guidelines for social determinants of health and models of care for cardiovascular patients; has led funded research of innovative telehealth home-based programs; authored multiple articles advocating for greater support for patients and their families; and presented on topics resulting in global research and discussion on coping with heart failure in patients and caregivers. Her research has been cited over 770 times in multidisciplinary journals. Dr. Graven also has been active in leadership and service within the American Heart Association.

Dr. Graven earned her BSN and MSN from Florida State University and her PhD from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Lucinda Graven


Associate Professor

Florida State University


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