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Timian Godfrey is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Arizona College of Nursing and as a nurse practitioner with TribalHealth, LLC. The impact of efforts led by Dr. Godfrey, an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation, has emanated from dedicated policy and service efforts for creating sustainable, healthy work and learning environments that are inclusive and illustrative of diversity.

Her leadership has resulted in scalable advances for education and clinical practice to advance the practice and science of equity, diversity and inclusion. Hallmarks of her influence are evident throughout higher education systems in Arizona, regional and national professional nursing organizations, tribal health systems across the nation, and numerous honors and awards. She directs two federal grant programs aiming to increase the number of underrepresented nurses in the workforce.The overarching interest of her research is health equity for underrepresented minority groups, specifically Native American communities.

Dr. Godfrey is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Arizona State University. In addition to graduating with a DNP degree, she simultaneously earned a graduate certificate in public health specialized in American Indian Health as an Elizabeth Sackler Scholar from the Center for American Indian Health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Timian Godfrey


Assistant Clinical Professor

University of Arizona


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