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Elizabeth A. Duffy is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

Dr. Duffy is currently the Director for the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program and the Chair of the Evidence-Based Practice Subcommittee for the National Cancer Institutes of Health Children’s Oncology Group. Dr. Duffy’s teaching and scholarship is clearly founded on her commitment to improve the care of children with cancer across the globe. She is a leader in the advancement of evidence-based pediatric oncology care. Her work focuses on reducing central venous line infection rates – an ongoing clinical problem across the world, promoting the highest standards of care for children enrolled in oncologic clinical trials, and in easing children’s and family stresses as they seek to understand new cancer diagnoses. Her work has helped to reduce the rates of central venous line infection and translate evidence-based approaches to achieve optimal outcomes for children with cancer. Since becoming faculty at the School of Nursing, Dr. Duffy has established a sustained and impressive track record of scholarship aimed at improving care and outcomes for children with cancer.

Dr. Duffy received her BSN and MS from the University of Michigan and her DNP from Duke University.


Elizabeth Duffy


Clinical Associate Professor

University of Michigan


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