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Kelly Doran is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland School of Nursing and Director of Health and Wellness at the Community Engagement Center at University of Maryland Baltimore.

She has led multiple worksite wellness studies within long-term care facilities. These programs have resulted in reducing healthcare workers’ stress, improving staff wellness behaviors such as sleep and diet habits and improving staff health outcomes such as blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition to these changes, these programs have demonstrated improvements at the organizational level including increased worker productivity and spillover benefits to residents with staff serving as healthy role models engaging residents in healthy behaviors.

Dr. Doran has also directed nurse-led public health programming for over 10 years. These models of care include comprehensive wellness interventions such as health education, behavior change coaching, care coordination, increasing health literacy, and reducing barriers to care by addressing social determinants of health for populations disconnected from the healthcare system.

Dr. Doran obtained her AA degree from Community College of Philadelphia, BSN from Drexel University and MS and PhD from University of Maryland school of Nursing.


Kelly Doran


Associate Professor

University of Maryland


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