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Karol DiBello is an Associate Professor at the Columbia University School of Nursing and the Editor of ViewPoint.

As an experienced palliative care nurse and care coordination nurse leader, Dr. DiBello’s academic focus is on preparing current and future nurses to not only meet the direct needs of chronically and seriously ill patients and their caregivers across the care continuum but to be leaders in this vital work. Dr. DiBello co-developed and directed a nationally recognized community-based palliative care management program in New York City. She has also served as a consultant for a variety of community-based palliative care initiatives as well as serving on the board of directors of the Westchester End of Life Coalition. Through innovative curriculum design she brings these experiences to life for students in the classroom, further enhancing their education. As editor of ViewPoint, the national peer reviewed publication of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing, Dr. DiBello shares her commitment to the dynamic work of nurses across the lifespan in all ambulatory care settings.

Dr. DiBello received her BS, MS, and DNP degrees from Pace University.


Karol DiBello


Associate Professor

Columbia University

New York

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