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Min-Huey Chung is the Vice Dean and Professor at the Taipei Medical University College of Nursing.
Dr. Chung’s research has focused on mental health and the impact of sleep on mental health in patients and nursing staff. She has led interdisciplinary funded research studies and close collaboration with clinical centers that resulted in CBT-I interventions that were successful in enhancing the quality of sleep in patients with depression and comorbid insomnia, and many of her innovations, such as hospital adverse events cloud database and management system, rhythm light regulating system, and brain-wave technology have been directly translated into clinical care. In her role as Vice Dean, she leads the Asian Pacific Nursing Alliance by conducting international conferences and exchange programs across Asia and the Pacific region, with students, faculty, and nurses from eight Universities in four countries have joined. Dr. Chung was awarded the Excellent Teacher Award at Taipei Medical University for her work to contribute in nursing education, research and practice.

Dr. Chung received her BSN and MS from the National Defense Medical Center, and her Doctorate from Tzu Chi University in Taiwan. Dr. Chung previously worked as a head nurse and has been a visiting scholar at University of Texas and University of Florida, and now she is a professor.


Min-Huey Chung


Vice Dean and Professor

Taipei Medical University


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