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Heeseung Choi is a Professor at the Seoul National University, College of Nursing. Dr. Choi’s research addresses technology-based intervention to promote adolescents’ mental health, improve communication skills among nurses and foster safer work environments for health workers. She has led government and other interdisciplinary funded research studies resulting in various intervention for parents of adolescents and college students and nurses both in the U.S. and Korea. She also led the development of the first national survey on workplace violence and a violence prevention manual for community mental health workers in Korea. In 2018, she received the Health and Welfare Minister’s Award for her exceptional leadership for dissemination of accredited suicide prevention programs. Alongside this, she developed the Theory of Cultural Marginality, enhancing the understanding of mental health and the unique experiences of marginalized individuals. It has been applied in various international settings for marginalized people, including Russian-speaking immigrants in the U.S., and African and North Korean refugees. The innovative practical outcomes of her research have spanned over 70 peer-reviewed journals, four copyrights and one pending patent.

Dr. Choi received her BSN from the Catholic University of Korea, College of Nursing; her MSN, MPH and PhD from the University of Texas, Health Science Center, Houston; and her postdoctoral fellowship from the UIC College of Nursing.


Heeseung Choi



Seoul National University

South Korea

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