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Howard Butcher is a Professor and Director of the PhD in Nursing Program at the Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Butcher’s scholarship focuses on the development of research and practice methods grounded in unitary and caring nursing science. His work includes serving as an author of four editions of the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC). NIC now comprises of 614 nursing interventions and more than 13,000 nursing activities translated into 12 languages used globally to: plan and document nursing care in electronic health care systems; research the impact of nursing interventions on patient health outcomes; and teach nursing care and clinical reasoning across all specialties and patient populations.

His theoretical work in advancing unitary and caring nursing science includes: a) developing a practice and research methodology derived from Rogers’ nursing science; and b) the development of the unitary-caring hermeneutic-phenomenological research method and the Nursing as Caring practice method. His program of research focuses on the testing a written emotional expression intervention designed to enhance health and well-being in family caregivers.

Dr. Butcher holds a PhD from the University of South Carolina; a MScN from the University of Toronto; a BSN from Thomas Jefferson University; and a BS in Biology from Lebanon Valley College. He is a 2002-2004 John A. Hartford Foundation Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity Post-doctoral Scholar.


Howard Butcher


Professor and Director of the PhD in Nursing Program

Florida Atlantic University


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