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Susan Brammer is an Associate Professor Educator at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing.
Dr. Brammer has impacted the field of mental health through her scholarship and professional service. She led a multidisciplinary team of faculty and staff in creating and disseminating virtual reality simulations to over 800 healthcare professionals and students nationally and internationally. The simulations were designed to increase the awareness of social determinants of health, increase cultural competence, and decrease implicit bias. In her work with the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Recovery Council and Recovery to Practice Committee, Dr. Brammer was able to share her unique perspective as a professional in mental health with lived experience. Through national presentations, she advanced the concept that mental health care providers are in the business of hope and recovery through a model of mental health care that emphasizes health and wellness and empowers those living with mental health disorders to lead a meaningful, self-directed life – in contrast to the illness-focused, provider-driven medical model.

Dr. Brammer received her BSN and MA from the Ohio State University and MSN and PhD from the University of Cincinnati.


Susan Brammer


Associate Professor Educator

University of Cincinnati


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