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Kyungeh An is an accomplished researcher and dedicated educator for over two decades. Dr. An has offered her values and expertise to academic programs and scientific societies and contributed to advancing nursing education, scholarship, and leadership. Dr. An’s research aims to prevent mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke in vulnerable populations. Her early studies advanced our understanding of the roles of the psycho-socio-behavioral factors that interplay in the etiology and progression of CVD and stroke. She tested biobehavioral hypotheses by measuring endothelial inflammatory cytokines and atherogenic protein concentrations among hurricane survivors, the metabolically compromised cancer survivors, and their caregivers exposed to care burden and chronic stress.

Dr. An leads interdisciplinary research teams consisting of cardiologists, oncologists, behavioral psychologists, and data specialists to articulate intervention strategies that mitigate the impact of chronic stress on cardiometabolic health with specific attention to underserved female cancer survivors. Her work will inform clinicians and provide them with tools to practice patient-centered preventive interventions for their patients. Dr. An is known for her global service and leadership as an Invited Scholar at the Seoul National University in Korea, Wuhan University, and Yujian Medical University of Nationalities in China and keynoted for numerous international congresses.


Kyungeh An



University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio


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