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Kelly Aldrich is an Associate Professor and Director of Informatics Innovation at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and Senior Nurse Executive at the Center for Medical Interoperability.Dr. Aldrich is a board-certified Informatics Nurse Specialist and has served over 35 years in healthcare clinical, leadership and informatics roles. She is known as a visionary nursing informatics leader and is regarded for her innovative solutions dedicated to providing a bridge between clinical practice and technology solutions.

Dr. Aldrich’s work has addressed many of the complex issues surrounding data standards that are essential for supporting the movement of patient electronic information throughout episodes of care. Her passion and dedication for seamless person-centered care from an informatics lens has led to safer, more efficient, and effective care environments. She has served on numerous policy and industry advisory councils at the national level including multiple HHS task forces advising and informing policy on data standards. Her recent publications include her work related to the Unique Nurse Identifier (UNI), and a timely collaboration with the CDC on the use of personal protective equipment.

Dr. Aldrich received her MS and DNP from the University South Florida School of Nursing.


Kelly Aldrich


Associate Professor, Director Informatics Innovation

Vanderbilt University


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